Our Bulletin

Sunday - July 25, 2021


    today --- Walker – Payton BH / Steve – Camielle V
    Aug 1 Evan – Kathy B / Sarah V
    Aug 8 Cal - Angela DB / Luke – Rachel VL
    Aug 15 Darrell – Marjean DB / Ryan – Josie VH
    Aug 22 Rod – Jean DL / Marilyn VH - Marilyn L


    Today - General Offering
    Aug 1 - Mission / Quotas
    Aug 8 - General
    Aug 15 - MIssionary




Lift one another -- “ Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer ”

Romans 12:12

--> our Church prayer list …


--->Leonard / Arlene Baan Hofman
    --->Dan Baas
    ---> Cal / Angela / Tori / Tia / Tate / Luke De Boer
    --->Sarah Veenstra
    --- Tena Van Zee
    --- Those in nursing homes / assisted living centers
    --- Strength for health issues ~ daily trials ~ struggles ~ fear ~ anxiety


    July 30th -- Allen Vanden Hoek


    July 30th -- Elwood & Karla Vanden Berge
    July 31st -- Josh & Leah De Waard



Our sympathy goes out to Pastor Pete and his family

in the loss of his dear wife, Carol who passed Tues, July 20th

She had been in the nursing home since last Oct, but died in the hospital. 

Her funeral is Monday (07/26) @ 11:00 in Grace Valley CRC in German Valley, IL.  

Her obituary can be found on Burke-Tubb Funeral Home (Freeport IL) web page.



Congregation Info:

Wed – July 28th – Softball & Root beer floats in Harrison !!
                                Everyone welcome – bring a chair and/or glove
                                Hope to see your there !!





Women's Guild Work Group Assignments:

Group 6: Church Cleaning:  Crystal DL / Nicole R Co-chairs (Date to be determined)

Group 1: Church Picnic:  Mavis VH / Leah DW Co-Chairs (Date to be determined) 

Group 2 & 4: Classis Meal: Wyona L / Barb DV / Jessica DV / Karen M Co-Chairs

(meal date -- Tues-Sept 21s )

(Group 3 served Marlene Plooster's Funeral lunch) 

Remember, if you are unable to work when your group is in charge, it is your responsibility to get a substitute to take your place.  You are an important part of our church family and hands of service go a long way in encouraging those around us.  Thank you in advance for sharing God's love in many different ways! 








Welcome and Announcements

Call To Worship: Psalm 19:1-4b,14

*Hymn # 132 Blessed Be the Name

*God Greets us / We Greet each other

*Special Music / Praise Songs

Our World Belongs To God – The Mission of God's People

Congregational Prayer

Children's Message

Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9 / Matthew 17:1-13

Message: Habitat For Christ “

Prayer of Application

*Apostles' Creed

Hymn # 22 (while offering is received) This Is My Father's World


*Offertory Prayer


*Hymn # 338 Lord, Speak to Me