Our Bulletin

January 17, 2021


We extend a warm welcome to all who are worshipping with us. May we together experience the rich blessing of our God.


Pastor Gary Maas will lead us in our worship service this morning.


We invite everyone who feels comfortable coming to join us in worship but try to spread yourselves out throughout the sanctuary. You may watch the service live on FACEBOOK under Harrison SD Churches.



OPPORTUNITIES OF SERVICE: There will be no greeters and nursery helpers at this time.


OFFERING: Jan. 17: Missionary Fund
                    Jan. 24: General Fund


If you are unable to attend church now, please mail your offering to:
    Seth Reimnitz
    27475 395th Ave.
    Armour S.D. 57313



Sunday; Sunday School classes, 9:45A.M.

Monday: Men’s Prayer Men’s Prayer Breakfast, 6:30 a.m., South Church



*Please pray for Rhonda Byma, sister-in-law of Beth Markus. She is undergoing tests and they think that she may have a tumor between 2 vertebrae in her back. She is waiting for the test results to come back and anticipates surgery,

*Please pray for complete healing for Mavis Bultje, Pastor Pete and Carol De Jong, Ruby De Vries, Judy Groeneweg, Carl Hoogers, Wyona Lefers, Beth Markus, Dean and Marlene Plooster, Norman and Judy Pope, Kendall Pope, Mary Vanden Hoek, Terry Vanden Hoek, Kerry Vander Ley, Camielle Veenstra, and Kaylee Weldon who are dealing with health issues.

*Pray for the shut-ins: Lavonne De Boer, Sarah De Boer, Doris Markus, Nona Markus, and Eltha Wolbrink.

*Please pray for our nation and for healing for the many who are ill in this perilous time.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY NEWS: We wish Happy Birthday Blessings to Bryan H and Jace R who are both celebrating their birthday Monday, January 18, and to Doris M and Luke VL who both will celebrate their birthday, Tuesday, January 19.


POSTAGE STAMPS: Please save your postage stamps especially during this Christmas season. Please leave a paper margin around the stamps.


THANK YOU: In loving memory of Marcell (Sally) Jendersee, We would like to send a Thank You to all who remembered our family with the many expressions of sympathy and kindness through prayers, visits, phone calls, text messages, cards, food, memorial gifts and Gideon Bibles. Thank you to Pastor Gary for his visit and comforting words. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Harlan and Bonnie Wolbrink


MATCH DONATION CHALLENGE: The Matching Fund Drive at DCS is in full gear, and we are humbled at the total amount of donations as well as the variety of contributions from folks around the nation! So far, we have received $58,200.00 in donations! A hearty thank-you to all you have contributed already and continue to keep the school in your prayers. For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen (Romans 11:36). . Look for weekly updates in future bulletins, and please prayerfully consider a donation to Dakota Christian.


IT IS CHICKEN POT PIE SEASON AGAIN. DCS Fellowship will be making homemade, double crust chicken pot pies on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Order forms are in your mailboxes. Please, fill out and return to Tracy Maas or Val VH by Feb. 1.


PLEASE CLEAN OUT YOUR CHURCH MAILBOX. MANY OF THE MAILBOXES ARE SO FULL!! We want to update some of their places but need the mailboxes cleaned out first. If you have a family member, that doesn’t use their mailbox, please clean it out. Thank you!


PLEASE CHECK THE CHURCH CONTACT LIST on the table in the room where coats can be hung and please double check your telephone number. If you would prefer a different number, then please list your name and number on the sheet with lines on them so the list can be updated. You may also email Beth with the new information. THANK YOU.


GIVING OPPORTUNITY. Our church women’s guild is sponsoring a winter clothing drive for Center of Hope. Items being accepted are used and new coats, snow pants, overalls, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots in all sizes. Also accepted are adult sweatshirts, work shirts, vests, long underwear (new only) and jeans/pants (no holes and black pants are esp. helpful). Donations will be collected through the month of December. Please drop the donated items off at South Church building. (Large box in the Faber Center). Donated items may also be dropped off at the Randy and Diane Niewenhuis residence in Corsica.


AT-Home Faith Formation Tip: The Practice of Engaging Scripture: N.T. Wright wrote, “Reading and studying Scripture [is] central to how we grow in the love of God.” This coming week, start each day by reading 1 Corinthians 13 and praying that God’s love will flow through you to others. (For more on faith practices from Faith Formation Ministries, visit crcna.org/FaithFormation/Practices.)




10:30 A.M. Worship


Welcome and Announcements

Call To Worship: Hebrews 10:19-23

*Hymn: CH *617 ‘Near to the Heart of God”

*God Greets Us *We Greet Each Other”

*Praise Songs:

Our World Belongs to God – The Mission of God’s People

Congregational Prayer

Children’s Message – dismissed to Children In Worship

Scripture: 1 Samuel 2:12-26

Hebrews 4:12-5:5

Message: A Priestly Privilege

Prayer of Application

*Apostles’ Creed

Hymn: CH #415 “We Are Called to Be God’s People”
(while offering is received)

*Hymn: PH #482 vs.1-3,5 “We Give Thee But Thine Own”

*Offertory Prayer

*Benediction: 1 Peter 2:9-12

*Hymn: PH #386 “How Vast the Benefits Divine”