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March 29, 2020
Fifth Sunday of Lent
The Cross


May God bless each one with His presence as we look forward to Easter and may He meet all the concerns we bring to this time of worship.


Pastor Gary Maas will lead us in our worship service today. If you cannot attend this service be sure to watch the service by going to the Harrison Community Church web page and clicking on Watch Previous Services.


The morning service today is in the South Church and the April morning services will be in the North Church at 10:30 a.m.




There will be no greeters and nursery helpers at this time.


OFFERING: March 29: 50/50 - Cornerstone Prison Church and Living Stone Prison Church (you can place your offering in the offering plate before the service if you desire.)
                    April 5: Missionary Fund



*Please pray for complete healing for Brenda Baan Hofman, Julie Baan Hofman, Sarah De Boer, Pastor Pete and Carol De Jong, Leonard De Vries, Pat De Vries, Ruby De Vries, Mary De Lange, Judy Groeneweg, Carl Hoogers, Elsie Jongsma, Beth Markus, Mae Niewenhuis, Dean Plooster, Norman and Judy Pope, Mary Vanden Hoek, Kerry Vander Ley, Claire Vander Wal, Sarah Veenstra, Kaylee Weldon, and Brian Wiedner, who are dealing with health issues.

*Pray for the elderly and shut-ins: Lavonne De Boer, Doris Markus, Nona Markus, Terry Vanden Hoek and Eltha Wolbrink.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY NEWS: We wish Happy Birthday Blessings to LaRoy L and Cassie E who both are celebrating their birthday today, March 29, to Aria VG who will celebrate her birthday, Monday, March 30, to Ryan VH and Leah DW who both will celebrate their birthday Tuesday, March 31, to Sarah DB, Nona M and Darrell DB who will all celebrate their birthday, Thursday, April 3, and to Mike S and Grayson E. who will both celebrate their birthday Saturday, April 4.


PROFESSION OF FAITH AND INFANT BAPTISM: Walker and Payton Baan Hofman appeared before the council to make profession of their faith. On Saturday, March 21, they made profession of faith and had their baby Wesley Ray baptized. There was a small worship service with family and elders present.


EASTER LILIES AND RAINBOW MUMS: The worship committee will once again be sponsoring Easter Lilies and rainbow mums in memory of loved ones for the Easter service. Cost is $9 and sign-up sheets are located in the back of church.


THE NEW HOPE WOMEN’S RETREAT planned for April 24-25 is postponed until September 11-12. Mark your calendars for a weekend celebrating “Beautiful Things” and watch for more details in late summer.



Harrison Community Church,

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Inspiration Hills is currently closed with the majority of the staff working from home. We also cancelled all retreats and family gatherings through April 15.

We are excited that Summer Camp is still on schedule! With churches, schools, and businesses temporarily closing, I am sure that this is causing some financial hardship to families, and they will be needing financial assistance to send their children to camp. Therefore, we are encouraging financial help in our camp scholarships.

Also, to keep costs down for Inspiration Hills at this time, we will be sending out the Spring Hilltop Newsletter as a PDF file for churches to send on to the congregation. This will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, we are asking if you as a church have any prayer requests that the Inspiration Hills staff can lift up in prayer during this time? Thank you for your prayers and financial support for Inspiration Hills!


SAVE THE DATE!! Cornerstone Prison Church Council, Board and Congregation would like to invite you to the 14th Annual Benefit Banquet Monday, April 6, 2020. Please join us at Trinity Christian Reformed Church, Rock Valley, IA at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy an evening of fun, food and fellowship as we enjoy music by Cornerstone Quartet from Leota, MN and hear how the Holy Spirit is working in hearts and lives of inmates in the South Dakota State Penitentiary! More detailed information to follow at a future date.


LENT AT-HOME FAITH FORMATION TIP: Hold a modified Seder meal with your family or friends to draw connections between the traditional Jewish Passover meal and the Last Supper. This also provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children about communion and how Jesus asked us to remember him when we celebrate it. Author Ann Voskamp offers Christian seder meal instructions at tinyurl.com/VoskampSeder. (Tip from Faith Formation Ministries; crcna.org/FaithFormation)




A.M. Worship


Welcome and Announcements

Call To Worship: Psalm 127

*Hymn: CH #3 “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty”

*Apostles’ Creed

Lenten Reading

*Praise Songs: “I Come to the Cross”

“Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord”

Children’s Message

Scripture: Numbers 21:4-9

Isaiah 53:1-6

John 3:14-21

Message: “Looking Up”

Prayer of Application

Hymn: CH #320 vs.1,3,4 “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”

Prayer for Agriculture

Prayer for Business and Industry

Hymn: CH #627 “Cares Chorus”

Prayer for our Nation

Prayer for our Military

Hymn; CH# 627 “Cares Chorus”

Prayer for Home and Family

Prayer for Health and Health Care

Hymn: CH #627 “Cares Chorus”

Prayer for Schools and Education

Prayers for the Church

Hymn: CH #323 “At the Cross”


*Offertory Prayer


*Hymn: CH #319 “Near the Cross”